16 May 2015

Number 14 - bling, bling

Number 14 is obviously vain. So his name will be bling-bling.

Yesterday my new class with Jane LaFazio started, "Designs from Life". That's a good opportunity to finish those peonies I started in April. I missed big open flowers though because it rained and all the beauty was gone when it stopped. But I added the seeds or what will be the seeds when they are dry. They look pretty interesting but usually I cut them off because they take to much energy from the plants.

And this is the first attempt on lesson 1 - from my flower garden. I chose an aquilegia or colombine to draw (not the very complicated ones that look like prima ballerinas) - just a plain one. Here's what I came up with.

I got confused with perspective at the top ones, the inside look led to carving a stamp and I just played around with some details and had fun!


  1. Bling-bling is a good name. You drawings are beautiful.

  2. not just talented with the needle butt this the pencil and paintbrush too, such lovely work