23 February 2013

Another three

While snowflakes show their dance outside I did three  more "balls". Two of them are more experimental in shape, one with just five diamonds whose sides are different lengths and the other one sewig five equal sided diamonds and five others together. It's an interesting look, I personally like the smaller one better.

14 February 2013

More items

Some more pictures of the small things I've completed until now - two more biscornues and three balls. And as always while on my way through the stitches I get more ideas and what-if thoughts.

The balls really fascinate me. I can't tell before what I'll do with them - they lead themselves to be embroidered.

13 February 2013

CQJP February block

Here's my February block - plus addition - the frame for my royal lady. I'm really wondering where this all will lead to :-))

In the meantime I'm stitching biscornues and balls. A friend of mine way back from school days offered to organize an exhibition for my quilts in summer. Three days! Ask me, I'm so exited! It's just one room, but I think I can fill it with my "works". Since she suggested it would be nice to have something to sell, too, I thought of making small items as I can't let go of my quilts (they are part of my life and my artist devellopement). Maybe some felted bracelets will be a good addition. So I'm busy, busy, busy......

Don't the first ones look good?