16 March 2012

Spring is coming

There were the first little flowers in the forest when I walked my dogs, it was sunny and warm. So nice for a change!
Week 10 of TAST 2012 wasn't my kind of thing - there were very creative samples of running stitch but I didn't get "the curve" to it. Anyway, this is my running block

I felt much more comfortable with week 11 - whipped wheel. The finished block has a backing and its border is couched wool with beads at the bottom. This time I'm pleased with the result and enjoyed spending time on it.

Now off to a birthday party - one of my friends turned seventy today. Absolutely incredible!

05 March 2012


Ahh, my order of hand dyed yarns from Stef Francis (http://www.stef-francis.co.uk) has arrived! Just got it out of my mailbox and it's sooooo beautiful!
Think of all the beautiful blocks that can be created with these plus the ones I already have.
It's funny - somehow the things I fall for are not shoes, jewels or fancy clothes but all kinds of yarn, beads or batic fabric and looking back on life it has always been like this.
Next door neighbour Anna has given me some bags of leftover wool so there's a lot of supply for my scrumbles, too. Maybe I should make a timetable what fits in where when the gardening season starts pretty soon ... and not to forget the two doggies!

02 March 2012

TAST 2012

Time to post my TAST 2012 samples - it's so much fun and I learn a lot. Most of the time I can hardly wait for Tuesday - actually I can see what stitch is next Monday night before I go to bed and kind of dream about it :-)

First in line Fly Stitch:

 Buttonhole Stitch:

 Feather Stitch:

Cretan Stitch:

 Herringbone Stitch:

Left Chevron Stitch:
Right Detached Chain Stitch:

Chain Stitch:

 This is chain stitch and the seven previous stitches  


I used a batic fabric for the background and thougt about doing a tree. When I started it the tree took over and this is where it all ended - Tree of wishes.