27 August 2013

Wonderful Weekend

Wow, I'm still exhausted. I think I didn't do that much talking in the last years than I did since Saturday evening. The people that came to my show were so interested in how these quilts were made and how I get my ideas that I was simply stunned.
So here are the pictures of my "oeuvres"  on the wall. The picture was taken without audience so the quilts can be seen. Larger pictures are over at http://brighidsquilts.blogspot.de/
This was the first time I had the chance to show my quilts publicly and I'm overwhelmed. I even have the chance to show them here in my home village in a surrounding of old roman ruines plus an option of going to a small town in Alsace. And (which is very flattering) I got the request of doing another fabric portrait. Now I'm waiting for a picture. What a year!

14 August 2013

Almost there ....

Really, I wouldn't have imagined that showing my quilts one week from now would cause so much stress for me! Part of the time I feel that they are not good enough to be shown to the "world" and but then I'm too proud of having done them ... Anyway it's not a juried  show and I can relax about it, having some amount of small items to sell and just in case they are gone before the show ends I still could promise to do some more on commission. So no reason to get nervous - it's just the fact that my quilts stayed in my bedroom for so long and were just mine :-)
While going through my work I found one that was started some years ago but never finished. I looked at it with different eyes and started to complete it. Here it is - "The missing link" . Don't ask me where that name popped out, it's just that I couldn't name it any other way.

I'll add some closeups later. Now I'll have to think about what goes where and how to place the small quilts I've done in a pleasing way.
There was some work in my garden, too. The weed took over and I had quite a hard time to get through but now my flowers bloomed, tomatoes are red, beans ripe and potatoes just fine. Looking at it all it's just a very successful year!
I'll post some pictures from the show when it's done.