17 December 2012

Some kind of addiction

Instead of doing nescessary (!) things I couldn't help creating this lady that was waiting hidden in my stash. So here she is, waiting for her prince....

Maybe there's a medical term for this???? Though I think it's pretty healthy.

16 December 2012

Berry Stitch

A very fast version of berry stitch - somehow time flies and in the evening I'm pretty astonished that another day is over (especially if it gets dark so early!)

There's so much left to do .....
But first of all the walk with my dogs, what else!!

06 December 2012

Mermaid finished - Buttonhole Eyelet Flowers

It's cold and ugly outside - best way to spend time is picking up embroidery and get lost in fantasies. Here's the finished mermaid in her water block. She'll be surrounded by little crazy blocks in blue and green with lots of embroidery. I can use some samples of TAST and have to create additional ones. She looks good, doesn't she?

One more time I got carried away with stitching