17 October 2012

Another Look

When I took a new look at my bracelet this morning I had the impression of something lacking but I couldn't have named it. So improvisation was the theme. I threaded the "threaded" yellow/orange line with a band of similar colour and added knotted buttonhole stitches all around the border. When I was through with this the whole bracelet looked totally different and yes, I think it's finished now. Wearing it with a long sleeved black t-shirt should look fine!

16 October 2012

Felted Bracelet

Finally I got around to give wet felting a try - technique learnt from the internet especially youtube. The first object I tried (only had red, black and blue wool roving) was a poppy. After adding yellow drizzle stitch and a little ball with green buttonhole wheel it looked rather pleasing. Next day I was courageous enough to start a bracelet and here's the result with beads and embroidery stitches:

closed bracelet, poppies in the back

the open version

Looks like I have one more hobby since it was so much fun to make it.

11 October 2012

Felted Bag

Some years ago my friend Barbara gave me a wonderful grey felted bag for a birthday present and I always wanted to add something to it because I thought there was so many space on it to do so. I finally came up with some kind of needle felted creature and I like it a lot. It's my "Alter Ego" - looking elegant, having long red hair and wearing a cute hat (wet felted flower), everything that I don't . But now I can carry my sister with me :-).