18 December 2014

Slowly heading for Christmas

Winter so far is jus ugly - grey, rainy and disgusting. BUT the right weather to quilt (love the new Bernina 550 QE that is an advanced birthday present I can already use :-) and to do more watercolor sketches. Only one lesson left - I'll have to wait until February 6 to continue with the next class.
The baby quilt is progressing and looks good so far.
So here are  more shoes and one kind of mixed media piece - a sketch with stitching added, some straight stitches and algerian eyelets. When I did that lily I should have turned the paper to the portrait version instead of landscape plus the black and white border didn't really fit. But after revisiting it and giving it a new look I can live with it.

Hiking boot


My booties

Lily with stitches and loops
By the way - what about inventing self- cleaning dogs??
Back to quilt-related topic - here are two of my recycled circles that I made after watching Jane LaFazio's video. Lots of TAST stitches, too.

14 December 2014

Some more

Here's what I did since that savoy cabbage leaf - besides the quilt that's progressing. Doing water colour sketches turned out to be really addictive and this class is just great. I think I'll enroll for the next one that starts some time in January 2015.
This is from the "Flowers" lesson:

Christrose (hellebore)

Christrose 2

New lesson is "Shoes":

I found this child's shoe when I was taking down one of my ceilings years ago
My favourite shoe
That's it for today. But there's more to come.

26 November 2014

I'm back

Time definitely goes fast - more than a year since I last posted. It was a good one regardless the ups and downs. Reading, gardening, some experimental quilting and embroidering, started an Art Journal after stumbling over Julie Fei-Fan Balzer in the internet and at the moment I'm doing an online class with Jane LaFazio "Sketching and Watercolor: Journal Style" and having endless fun with it.
Who would have thought that the leaf of a savoy cabbage is such a beauty!  Here are two of the pieces I made:
Savoy Cabbage Leaf
The next is a mixed media piece - I added stitching and metal eyelets. I'm quite pleased with the outcome.

More soon - there's a baby quilt I have to take time for.