28 December 2011

Little escapes

After signing up for TAST 2012 I decided to spend some time doing just what came to my mind. First thing was a Christmas heart for someone who had some complaints about me not showing my feelings :-) so I created something that does show without words and this was much fun to do.

Then I stumbled over that link at Sharon Boggon's Pin Tangle : http://italian-needlework.blogspot.com/2011/12/aemilia-ars-needle-lace-freebies.html, got me the two books "Fiori" and "Bordi" for a birthday present and even the  wonderful "Un bordo aemilia ars". Got started right away with the little flower motive of "Bordi". The result is way from being highly perfect lace but something that gave me a lot of satisfaction while doing it (including the thought that I should have begun with this when my sight was better than today....) and I like the outcome. Little doggie did too, I could save it in the last moment from being torn.

Getting courageous I try a flower now in deep purple!

12 September 2011

Back after quite a while

 It's been a long, long time since my last post - somehow life got into the way. There are some small things I did in the meantime plus a crazy quilting project in progress. A small case for my navi (why not? :-)) is done and my next door neighbour ordered a case for her daughter's cellphone as a birthday present. Both are very much free-style and were a lot of fun to do and I'm quite satisfied with the outcome. (One day I'll figure out how I get these pictures in the line I want!!)

The little case for the cellphone       

 And here's the navi case:
front - closed
back and open front