16 June 2015


My long term babyquilt for my partner's grandson (his mother calls me Grandma #3 :-)) is finally ready to be given away. There are some minor details that would'nt win any prices but counting in the fact that my sewing studio is still under construction, I did have my Bernina but on a narrow table that started to jump every time I sewed to fast plus that chair I sat on was way too low it's an achievement and I'm satisfied with it.

Now I can finish the next one - those little birds. They have to be quilted and a binding added.

Plus I'm working on a small piece with design motives from the new lesson "From the Sea" (Jane LaFazio). This was my page:
The motive of the snail shell on the left side made a little design on fabric on its own, I made stamps and stencils from all of them and I'm pretty curious what the result will be in the end.

I had some trouble with the lesson before "From the mountain" with my drawing of a beech nut that was absolutely ugly. But with the help and inspiration of Jane all turned out well and now I can look at the page with content :-) Here is before and after:

Beechnut in center too dark
What a difference a cone makes ...
This was the  second try on the pod theme:

There are lots of ideas and designs I'll keep from this class to use and to devellop further.

07 June 2015

The last three

All birds are decorated. Only number 19 waits for its legs, they will reach onto the binding. Now the little quilt needs to be finished off - if I can get around to it as it's really hot at the  moment and my sewing machin is way up under the roof ... By the way, that green something at the top is a grasshopper under construction, I wonder what it will look like when it's done.

This is my arrangement for lesson 3 "from the factory/garage" with Jane LaFazio. Very different from drawing tomatoes but lots of fun!