04 May 2015

Birds on the run

The weather was just for stitching (raining cats and dogs all day) so I did. Here are three more of the birds. To explain what the whole thing is about - it's a panel of woolen fabric with (in my case) 21 appliqued birds. That was homework befor class started. Now comes the fun part - using stitches in a creative manner to create one of a kind birds. Of course we didn't finish it in those two days but Sue Spargo was explaining and helping and just a wonderful person to be with.
So here's what the panel looks like:

In my version there's a bird running against the grain

The unembellished birds look rather dull and boring was my impression when I had appliqued them down. But this changes the moment they get their stitched personality. That's the fun thing about it.
When all have come to life I'll think about what to do for a border and quilting it.

These two are from yesterday and the rest of Saturday:

And here comes my Dandy:

I'm having so much fun with them!


  1. can see why you are having are having fun with this project a little bit like crazy work

  2. oh wow, they are just great Brigitte! i love them! LG halina