07 August 2012

Les Iles Flottantes

Project 2 I started in Sumptuous Surfaces class with Sharon Boggon is almost done. It needs to be mounted, maybe I'll add some additional border if I can think of one and then it's ready to go to my wall. Looks completely different from what I had in mind but then again it is what I created from the idea and it's got a name: Les Iles Flottantes, the floating islands. Something that took me a long time to do but was always joyful.
Here it is:

At the right bottom corner is the option to add some beads in strings or what so ever. We'll see.

06 August 2012

Algerian Eye Stitch and Encrusted Crazy Quilting

TAST 2012 week 31 stitch is complete - here's my little sample. Maybe I'll find some use for it some day.
playing around with algerian eylet stitch just having fun

It always amazes me how much I can do with just one stitch!