17 February 2012

A little more

Just a few more pieces added to my scrumble - now back to TAST 2012 and detached chain stitch. I am late!!
But I did spend some of my time knitting a danish triangular shawl that turned out to be very time consuming but fun to do while watching tv.

04 February 2012


Some days ago I found a link to Prudence Mapstone's site http://www.knotjustknitting.com and was totally fascinated. I never heard of free form knitting or crocheting and was just overwhelmed. Of course I had to try it right away (now I'm late with my herringbone stitch for TAST 2012!!!) and couldn't stop.
Here's the result of my efforts and I'm in love with it.
 This is what it looks like one day later:

Where it will end I don't know - I'll simply let it grow :-)