30 November 2012

TAST 2012 - Arrowhead stitch

Here's my sample for the stitch of this week - arrowhead.
Beside that I started a new face - this time a mermaid. This is how far I got - there's the Gimp class with Sharon I have to catch up with :-)
in progress

27 November 2012

Once upon a time

Still bad weather outside so I spent most of the day with creating another face - and here it is. She somehow seems to come from a completely different time.

It's Tuesday and next thing is to take care of Arrowhead stitch for TAST 2012!

26 November 2012

Ancestors instead of sisters

When my friend asked how I get the idea what the stumpwork face will look like I told him "it comes out of the fabric". I started off to create a sister for golden eyes but the result was rather old looking. Here they come:
She says she's a lady

Feeling pretty royal today

This is really a very funny experiment. Maybe when I'll have done more of them they will be united in a quilt with additional crazy blocks?
The weather outside was pretty nasty today - wet dirty dogs after the walk but inside I had a lot of sunshine being first place in Stitchin Fingers, have been chosen for the weekly highlight at  TAST 2012 and getting wonderful comments for my Portuguese border stitch sample. So if you ask me how my day was - just wonderful!!

25 November 2012

Golden Eyes

This time I couldn't resist - I had to try it myself. After seeing all those lovely ladies in stumpwork I wanted to do one right away. First thought this morningg - today I'm going to create a stumpwork face. Here's what I ended up with:
Golden Eyes

She's a little pale, next time I'll use a darker fabric for the face. Buttonhole, drizzle stitch, bullion knots and portuguese border stitch and a little fancy yarn for the hair. The size is 10x8 cm.
Maybe she needs a sister?

23 November 2012

Portuguese Border Stitch

This weeks TAST 2012 stitch was portuguese border stitch which didn't really strike me in the beginning but all of a sudden a creative idea hit me - so here it is. First I had only the flower with pot, that's the picture in StitchinFingers . Since it was only Wednesday I decided to add some more details and this is what I ended up with:

This is a stitch that is rather 3D looking or raised. It was really fun to do.