12 January 2012

A happy morning

This morning I took my time for stitching instead of reading my newspaper completely - seemed to be more joyful anyway. Again I got carried away with my ideas - what a wonderful embellished year this will be :-)
Here's the result of some happy hours - all buttonhole stitches except that first attempt on drizzle stitch. My good doggies were patiently waiting.

11 January 2012

A little crazy

For a long time I wanted to make a crazy quilt but for many reasons I never got around to it. Since my sewing space or projected studio :-(( still is under construction but I had to use my creativity somewhere I started sewing small crazy blocks (needing just the space for my sewing machine and cutter and mat) and embellishing them. It probably will end in some weird crazy quilt but in the meantime I do enjoy what I do.
Thanks to TAST 2012 I'll hopefully have additional 52 blocks to add by the end of this year!

The center blocks of my quilt - all I do now is work around it :-) and having a lot of fun!!