25 May 2015

Number 17 and 18, tomatoes and garden life

Needless to mention that it's raining again. But before that I managed to plant some vegetables in my garden on Friday, started lesson 2 of  "Designs from Life" and finished two more birds.
Here are some impressions from the garden:

These are finished number 17 and 18:

Last but not least this is my tomato page:

I will doodle with the shapes for design some more to carve more stamps once my supply arrives ...

21 May 2015

Stitching, sketching versus garden ...

Due to the changing weather I do have to set priorities and that's for today to earth up my potatoes and come back for number 17 later. There are also flowers I want to draw before the next lesson starts tomorrow. Sounds like stress? Not really, I'm still having fun - except for the snails who were the first ones to discover the ripe strawberries. But I got most of it!! That's the delicious time of the year.

Number 15

Number 16
Five more to go.

Here's the second flower attempt, I have to do some more doodling for getting design elements from it. Going from realistic to abstract is really difficult for me.

16 May 2015

Number 14 - bling, bling

Number 14 is obviously vain. So his name will be bling-bling.

Yesterday my new class with Jane LaFazio started, "Designs from Life". That's a good opportunity to finish those peonies I started in April. I missed big open flowers though because it rained and all the beauty was gone when it stopped. But I added the seeds or what will be the seeds when they are dry. They look pretty interesting but usually I cut them off because they take to much energy from the plants.

And this is the first attempt on lesson 1 - from my flower garden. I chose an aquilegia or colombine to draw (not the very complicated ones that look like prima ballerinas) - just a plain one. Here's what I came up with.

I got confused with perspective at the top ones, the inside look led to carving a stamp and I just played around with some details and had fun!

12 May 2015

Number 13

And again some relatively undefined shape turns into a proud bird. I didn't know first what colors to choose because of the surrounding ones so I settled for black and yellow/gold. Now this Mister blends in harmonious with the others around him. The panel is gaining weight!

11 May 2015

It's a girl!

Funny how these birds choose their personality. Number 12 is a girl. Maybe it's a question of lace and eye makeup.
I didn't have time to do one yesterday - we went for a three hour ride on the new motorbike (BMW R nine T), me on the pillion seat. Second time ever, we had fun and me a very hard time to get of the bike when we returned home. Felt like a hundred years old ....

09 May 2015

Good use for weather that's not so nice

I'll raincoat and hat for my walks with the dogs today - but this morning I created bird number 11. The stitch I used for his "hair" is a little unusual and I don't know if it really exists. It's something like standup bullion knot with one cast on loop in the end. Not very resilient but fun looking.
This is the little guy:

Guess I should take care of some laundry now, clean the house and think about what for supper .....

08 May 2015

Number 9 and 10

So here come the next two - I got really fancy with the wing of number 9. Something I learned in Sharon Boggon's Sumptuous Surfaces class and adding it on this small spot seemed really appealing because it's very time consuming.

Here's a detailed version of the wing:

Eleven more to go!!

06 May 2015

And one more

Here's number eight and now I think I'll just sink on the sofa and watch tv :-)

Pink Lady

Number 7 is done - not sure if I like the edge around the neck like it is. But the next bird is already cooking :-)

used stitches: buttonhole wheels plus beaded buttonhole wheels, palestrina stitch, pekinese stitch, stem stitch, cast on stitch, fly stitch, boullion stitch, french knots, beaded feather stitch

04 May 2015

Birds on the run

The weather was just for stitching (raining cats and dogs all day) so I did. Here are three more of the birds. To explain what the whole thing is about - it's a panel of woolen fabric with (in my case) 21 appliqued birds. That was homework befor class started. Now comes the fun part - using stitches in a creative manner to create one of a kind birds. Of course we didn't finish it in those two days but Sue Spargo was explaining and helping and just a wonderful person to be with.
So here's what the panel looks like:

In my version there's a bird running against the grain

The unembellished birds look rather dull and boring was my impression when I had appliqued them down. But this changes the moment they get their stitched personality. That's the fun thing about it.
When all have come to life I'll think about what to do for a border and quilting it.

These two are from yesterday and the rest of Saturday:

And here comes my Dandy:

I'm having so much fun with them!

02 May 2015

Bird Play

Just had two wonderful days in company of ladies who like stitching and quilting like myself - the class with Sue Spargo "Bird Play". Now I'm rather tired and exhausted after seven hours of stitching but I want to share the three little birds that are done.