22 September 2012

New Project

Last weekend I visited the Carrefour Européen du Patchwork in Sainte-Marie-Aux-Mines in France with my friend Barbara. Though we didn't manage to view all there was (which would have needed days!) we enjoyed the exhibitions very much. So much to see and to think about! Something that impressed me absolutely were the precision quilts of Kumiko Frydl. Absolutely incredible.
Maybe I'll be able to take part in a workshop one day?
There was a commercial area too, of course and I got me the pattern and fabric for a bag - being a quilter and embroiderer I should have one quilted bag at least. Of course I couldn't just simply follow the how-to, I had to do it my own way.
This is how far I got until now:
A cover formed as irregular triangle will be added plus a shoulder strap
I'll have to think about the back and how to embroider the sides and the shoulder strap.

11 September 2012

Class over

The first one with long almost parallel lines.
The second one "empty"

Another fantastic class with Sharon Boggon is over - Encrusted Crazy Quilting. I did two blocks and had trouble with the first one I made, just got stuck. So I started off with the second one and it went rather fine.
the finished one
Some closeups

To get me going with the first block I took it apart and changed it. That really made things easier and was a good idea!
Here's the result:

and some closeups

This was really something I enjoyed learning and doing. Now I have to catch up with TAST, no new samples since oyster stitch.