22 August 2009

Got things done

I discussed the theme of now - past - future with a friend today and discovered the difference in thinking. Me picturing the whole as a line coming from the endless past going to the endless future and him seeing the same thing as a endless circle. The second difference was looking at the "now"-point as something that pushes future further ahead followed by the past while I had the thought of taking bits from future by moving ahead and adding those to the past when they are over. These are two very interesting points of looking at things!!
Besides that - got older, see less, wait for next eye surgery on Tuesdays and have an ex-bedroom that starts to look like the one-of-a-kind living-room (part of) now. Painted walls and light make such a difference!

There will be another smashing light effect when the new stair is built in, I did already order it.
And - no matter what time goes by - I do like shoes. So I made myself a treat and ordered Think! shoes. (Spent my friends gift for "things you have to abstain from while reconstructing your house")
I*ll have a very relaxed Sunday!

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