03 August 2009


Ok, here I am. This is what my horoscope tells me today.
"If anyone is fond of 'just the facts, ma'am,' it's you. Embellishing those facts or adding details that have more to do with wishful thinking than the absolute truth just isn't your style. Mention all those things to anyone who approaches you now and insists that you give them your opinion on the story they're just dying to share. Otherwise, mention that you also won't be shy -- or gentle -- about letting them know what you really think."
So, following this advice for this special day, I'll let you know some details about me. I'm still 59, my husband died 7 years ago after being married for 20 years, no kids, but a fierce cat (Baby) and a 5 year old Labby Poldi whose friend Leo (New Foundland dog) left us last year in the marvellous age of 14. My most loved hobby is quilting though I can't practice that at the moment since I'm rebuilding my old, old house for four years now. But beside that fun rebuilding something (including the fact that I happened to meet a pretty perfect guy for both - personal and constructional interests) is the deep longing for the moment when I can take my stash out of those boxes and bags, set up my sewing machine and get started for new creative adventures.
MAYBE (!) this floor will be all set including the new kitchen until December so I'll be able to have that birthday party right here - I'd die for - but anyway (not forgetting the fun of "The journey is the reward!").
This was the last quilt I managed to finish - my personal design - hand and machine appliqued, embellished with beads and special yarn, machine quilted.

This is what I like to do most - design and create. But in the meantime I'll be spreading plaster on the walls and help making a new floor. Big deal also!!!
See you next time

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