04 August 2009

Good old yellow Mailbox

When I was a kid there were yellow mailboxes everywhere - no long walk to the post office to get your letter on the way. Somehow they all have dissappeared - not needed anymore and too expensive to manage with less personel. Who ever writes letters nowadays the old-fashioned way using paper and ink?
One of the symbols for getting old - things that used to be are gone, new ones appear. And you notice that your greed to be à jour is not as urging as it has been but you can't tell when it started to be this way. You start to select things that are important for you and get rid of the others. Time somehow has a different importance once you can accept that (even if you count very generously) you're through more than half of your life.
BUT - you didn't just get older, the fun is taking all the experiences that life provided and start finding the person inside that waited all those years to find way and space to express itself apart from everyday business. It is not about more wrinkles or white hair actually it's about personal freedom. No date with a plastic surgeon no botox and no silicon wherever you may imagine to have it - there's nothing wrong with age!
There's so much to discover looking deeper and from a different angle than I did thirty or forty years ago.

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