03 September 2015

Good Bye

Today I had to part from a longtime companion in my life, the last of my pets my late husband and I shared. Baby the cat isn't here anymore. She was 18 and a half year old, was never ill and now had develloped a fast growing lung cancer. She was a wonderful little cat and loved our dogs. Farewell! You'll never be forgotten.
She had a very personal definiton of cozy places


  1. how very sad to have lost your dear cat, she certainly had a long and I am sure a very happy life, you must be feeling lonely now, I do feel for you.
    Maybe in a while you will get another at to keep you company, I am a cat lover but would have to have the whole burglar alarm system altered so just enjoy my 2 daughter`s cats, one is 17 and the other her son is 13 but when they came to stay once for a couple of days they forgot they were Mum and son and did not get on at all!

  2. Oh I am so very sorry. A terrible loss. I will keep you in my prayers today.

  3. It's always sad when you lose a pet. My sympathies to you

    1. Thank you, Maddie, much appreciated.

  4. I had to say goodbye to my black and white cat, Mosen two weeks ago. He was 14 and I miss him terribly. My sincerest sympathy to you my dear. BIG HUGS!