06 August 2015

A Wedding Quilt

It's been a while but I was busy. There was the class with Jane LaFazio "Designs from Life", the heat outside with something about 40° C and just a few other things. BUT now the new video of Jane came out "Wet Felting Essentials". Watched it with itchy fingers, collected my felting stuff (plus some new tools) and got started. That was fun!!!
This is what it looked like after it was dry and before I started embellishing:

And then I got creative and wild:
I haven't decided yet wether I add a background fabric or leave it like this. It has a story anyway. Working on it I thought of  the ancestors I found when I did some research. There are some that are 6 generations back. They got married March 10 in 1744 in T├╝llingen and some years ago I had the chance to look into the parish register when I was doing some family search. The picture I took of the matrimonial record was printed on fabric and then added in pieces to the felt and I stitched their names on the top right side of the piece. So here is the post-mortem wedding quilt.