14 December 2014

Some more

Here's what I did since that savoy cabbage leaf - besides the quilt that's progressing. Doing water colour sketches turned out to be really addictive and this class is just great. I think I'll enroll for the next one that starts some time in January 2015.
This is from the "Flowers" lesson:

Christrose (hellebore)

Christrose 2

New lesson is "Shoes":

I found this child's shoe when I was taking down one of my ceilings years ago
My favourite shoe
That's it for today. But there's more to come.


  1. I think you can draw endless pictures of shoes - there are so many varieties and some also hold very dear memories. The flowers are great, too.

  2. such skill you have with the paint brush lovely paintings, especially like the found shoe

  3. Thank you, Queenie and Margaret! I never thought I could do things like this before, that's why I enjoy the watercolor and sketching class so much.