18 December 2014

Slowly heading for Christmas

Winter so far is jus ugly - grey, rainy and disgusting. BUT the right weather to quilt (love the new Bernina 550 QE that is an advanced birthday present I can already use :-) and to do more watercolor sketches. Only one lesson left - I'll have to wait until February 6 to continue with the next class.
The baby quilt is progressing and looks good so far.
So here are  more shoes and one kind of mixed media piece - a sketch with stitching added, some straight stitches and algerian eyelets. When I did that lily I should have turned the paper to the portrait version instead of landscape plus the black and white border didn't really fit. But after revisiting it and giving it a new look I can live with it.

Hiking boot


My booties

Lily with stitches and loops
By the way - what about inventing self- cleaning dogs??
Back to quilt-related topic - here are two of my recycled circles that I made after watching Jane LaFazio's video. Lots of TAST stitches, too.


  1. Yes, a gray winter is depressing, but great for staying home and playing with Bernina and watercolours.
    Your TAST samplers are fantastic. I have to check out that video.

  2. such skill with the pencil and paint brush and also the needle, what would we do without the tast stitches to inspire us I wonder