05 March 2012


Ahh, my order of hand dyed yarns from Stef Francis (http://www.stef-francis.co.uk) has arrived! Just got it out of my mailbox and it's sooooo beautiful!
Think of all the beautiful blocks that can be created with these plus the ones I already have.
It's funny - somehow the things I fall for are not shoes, jewels or fancy clothes but all kinds of yarn, beads or batic fabric and looking back on life it has always been like this.
Next door neighbour Anna has given me some bags of leftover wool so there's a lot of supply for my scrumbles, too. Maybe I should make a timetable what fits in where when the gardening season starts pretty soon ... and not to forget the two doggies!


  1. Wow!! Here are the threads. How much time did it take to arrive your threads?

    1. Just one week but this is soooo long if you're waiting for it!