02 March 2012

TAST 2012

Time to post my TAST 2012 samples - it's so much fun and I learn a lot. Most of the time I can hardly wait for Tuesday - actually I can see what stitch is next Monday night before I go to bed and kind of dream about it :-)

First in line Fly Stitch:

 Buttonhole Stitch:

 Feather Stitch:

Cretan Stitch:

 Herringbone Stitch:

Left Chevron Stitch:
Right Detached Chain Stitch:

Chain Stitch:

 This is chain stitch and the seven previous stitches  


I used a batic fabric for the background and thougt about doing a tree. When I started it the tree took over and this is where it all ended - Tree of wishes.


  1. All your stitch samplers are beautiful and will be a great memory for you on your quilt. i am loving your tree it is just gorgeous. You have achieve a look of sunset on the water behind the tree is is so effective.

  2. you do beautiful work. my Karen does photo quilting. you'd have something to talk about. claire