16 May 2010

Mourning and Biscornues

It took me quite a while to get on safe ground after my friend Erika died on April 29. In some aspect this left me falling into pieces even it always was in the back of my head that there was this possibility. After it happened I seemed to circle around my personal loss - repeating lots of feelings I had eight years ago when my husband died - especially being the one who is left over. And (which is the difference to those days) I'm not in charge of anything to do, just assist the funeral tomorrow. So maybe this is one of the reasons I didn't even try to keep myself together and almost drowned in sadness - assisted by a weather someone called "winter, very poorly painted pink" because actually it's spring and supposed to be warm and sunny and flowery all over the place.
So I had lots of time to spend and happened to stumble over the word "biscornu"
which I never heard before. Searching the internet I did find out and here's my very personal result. The first one is made of two embroidered crazy quilt blocks, the second one two pieces of embroidered fabric. Making this one I tried to do a piece of raised lace (the star in the middle) and felt adventurous again. It looks pretty coarse compared to those fine white elegant samples of real lace since I used No. 5 pearl cotton but I do love it. Another "first time"!
Now then - there's some unexpected sun outside so I better get going. But one of these days I'll try to find out if a bicornue can be done with an evensided triangle. Enjoy your day!


  1. These are stunning works or art! Hope you are feeling yourself again.

  2. Thank you so much, Cynthia.
    I guess I've arrived at myself again.

  3. Your work is amazing. Happy colors.