27 May 2010

Creative again

This little lady is not finished yet and not really dressed up (the answer is: yes, I always had this nose :-)
She is needle felted and as this is my second attempt on it I like the outcome.
This is a really astonishing and fascinating technique!
But I had to decide between working in my garden and stop the weed from taking over or continue with felting so I did take the garden option when the rain  finally decided to stop.
Inbetween I tried that triangle biscornue but that's something I'll have to think about for a while. There was a link for a tutorial of a 15 sided biscornue on Sharon Boggon's site Pintangle so I thought this would be the right thing to train my fingers and I finished it today.
I love to embroider but I'm not the regular stitching type :-) So I did 15 small crazy quilt blocks and put them together with all the stitches I could think of at the moment. When I showed it to my nextdoor neighbour (she's always very excited about the new things I did create) she said what I had in mind without putting it in exact words: there is so much to look at! You turn it over and there's something different and another twist and you discover some tiny details - like going for a stroll.
Maybe even pillows could be made this way - using quilt blocks and sewing them together - the same thing only larger. I'll try that some day.

Now I know why funerals are so important - they give you the chance to bring something to an end that isn't over without. It's the "moment in time" that is the place for tears, memories, maybe fury (why this one had to go) and you can let it off and leave it there. Of course you take sadness with you but something is finished and the scar starts healing - slowly. I also noticed that it is very relieving to let go, to cry and not to hold onto yourself because it's the right thing to do in the right place at the right time.

Here comes the 15 sided biscornue:

the only thing I'm doubting are the red buttons - size and colour. But those were the only ones I could find at the moment and it will be no problem to replace them if I run over "the perfect one".

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