14 August 2013

Almost there ....

Really, I wouldn't have imagined that showing my quilts one week from now would cause so much stress for me! Part of the time I feel that they are not good enough to be shown to the "world" and but then I'm too proud of having done them ... Anyway it's not a juried  show and I can relax about it, having some amount of small items to sell and just in case they are gone before the show ends I still could promise to do some more on commission. So no reason to get nervous - it's just the fact that my quilts stayed in my bedroom for so long and were just mine :-)
While going through my work I found one that was started some years ago but never finished. I looked at it with different eyes and started to complete it. Here it is - "The missing link" . Don't ask me where that name popped out, it's just that I couldn't name it any other way.

I'll add some closeups later. Now I'll have to think about what goes where and how to place the small quilts I've done in a pleasing way.
There was some work in my garden, too. The weed took over and I had quite a hard time to get through but now my flowers bloomed, tomatoes are red, beans ripe and potatoes just fine. Looking at it all it's just a very successful year!
I'll post some pictures from the show when it's done.


  1. this is so different from the run of the mill quilts I love it so glad you have completed it and look forward to seeing your other quilts which I am sure will be just as good