14 February 2013

More items

Some more pictures of the small things I've completed until now - two more biscornues and three balls. And as always while on my way through the stitches I get more ideas and what-if thoughts.

The balls really fascinate me. I can't tell before what I'll do with them - they lead themselves to be embroidered.


  1. Great works coming from your 'factory'. I especially like the balls and understand how they 'tell' you how to decorate them. Have fun!

  2. some delightful pieces here, both the biscornus and balls, wonder how you do the balls, is their a polystrene ball inside? would love to know more.

  3. The balls are made using a diamond shape. Five of them sewn together for top and bottom and then attached to each other. This far I can use my sewing machine. A small opening in the last seam is used to fill it rather tight with batting (the kind you put into a pillow) after closing it I start embroidering. The five diamonds with 60degree angles provide a smooth surface curvature on top and bottom and the diamond shape does it, too.
    In the meantime I found a book from Liesel Wiesner "LiBellchen" who creates wonderful things who uses exactly this shape. She uses paper piecing for the diamonds and sews them together by hand which I don't like to do.

  4. Do you still make these balls? Do you sell them?