24 April 2012

Cat and French Knots

I'm late with my french knots - first try didn't succeed, so I made another sketch just not thinking of working with them. And guess what: this time it worked. The little sampler is showing french knots, satin stitch, stem stitch, chain stitch, some fly stitches and couching around the border. Something floral against that rainy and cold weather outside!!
My old lady cat found that plastic bowl at the kitchen window and showed me that she still is very good in rolling up her body.
See ....
it's so cozy!!
 Now it's time to tackle wheatear stitch. There's an interesting blog I found by Elizabeth who did a lot of experimenting with it and shows wonderful versions. You can find her blog here .


  1. nice picture with floral motives!
    and your cat is so nice!! :) yes, and very cozy!
    hugs from Russia

    1. Thank you, Masha! And for your other comments, too.