21 January 2010

Looking for my roots

Believe it or not - I finally started an activity that was on my "when-I'm-retired-I-will....."list - looking for ancestors. Way back in 1974 my mother bought the local Ortssippenbuch that lists all the families and persons with their ancestors mainly written down in the parish-register. Seems my forfathers (and mothers) from my maternal side all came from this village. It was easy but time consuming to get them together in my family tree and this side of the family can be traced back to at least 1530!!
Since my father came from a village nearby I had to look there for the other half of my roots and YES I was successful, too. Luckily they had that same kind of book at the municipal office and I was allowed to take copies. This part of my family seems to have been long time resident, too, so I found ancestors back to 15 hundred something also. The interim result from today is 289 persons in 125 families and I'm not done yet!
Somehow this is like a large net unfolding. Very interesting!!

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